Embarc Sample Differentiation List

Embarc Sample Differentiation List


Advanced Learners

·       Provide opportunities for open-ended/self-directed tasks

·       Higher-level reading material on same subject

·       Focus on higher level questioning

·       Encourage creative thought and reward divergent thinking

·       Provide problems that do not have a clear solution

·       Provide focused opportunities for independent research skills

·       Assign tasks that are authentic and are for a real audience

·       Involve in creating student-centered feedback guide

·       Provide opportunities to display depth and breadth of knowledge

·       Provide opportunities to demonstrate content to others

·       Accommodate pace through goal setting

·       Offer most difficult version first

Struggling Learners

·       Use sentence frames

·       Provide graphic organizers

·       Scaffold and/or chunk content and reading

·       Use pneumonic devices

·       Restate lesson purpose/ give closure

·       Provide background knowledge prior to lesson

·       Preview/pre-teach vocabulary

·       Use visual aids

·       Provide leveled activities and/or assessments

·       Model and provide examples

·       Strategic student grouping

·       Match tasks to student learning styles

·       Allow for collaboration

·       Allow for opportunities to remediate

·       Utilize manipulatives and/or kinesthetic materials

·       Make real-word connections with content

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